The 5 benefits of best VPS hosting Cambodia (part 2)

February 18, 2017

Because of these benefits, VPS hosting Cambodia is now an option for all size websites – even if you are just starting a brand new website.


Cost effective solutions for small websites

VPS hosting service is much less expensive now than it was only a few years ago. With advances in virtualization technologies, the prices are only expecting to reduce. You can get a small private hosting environment for as little as $10 per month – this is just as cheap as many shared hosting but without all issues of the risk and performance associated with them.

It is necessary to consider a provider that allows you to have all of control over scaling and upgrades your solution. Many VPS Cambodia packages also come with one of the popular control panels that will take care of all your demands as far as managing and maintaining your website.


More control compared to shared hosting

Another benefit of VPS package is that you will get complete root access to your environment. This way, if you need a custom software package setup, you can do so without having to wait for your hosting provider to support it. Shared hosting is typically optimized for security and performance as best as possible, and this means that there are many popular software packages which are not support because of their security limitations. Having your own virtual environment allows you to bypass all of those issues.


Green technology, environmentally and more efficient use of resources

Green hosting and the use of eco-friendly technologies have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years. It is important for you to do your part to ensure your carbon footprint is as little as possible. Best VPS Cambodia hosting can help you achieve this. With dedicated server you are taking all the resources of a server that means you are the only person getting benefits from that server’s power consumption. However, with a VPS, a large dedicated server is sliced or divided into many different virtual environments. This way, there are more user shared the resources of that physical server.