Signs that you should upgrade shared hosting to VPS Cambodia

February 6, 2017

Below are the most common situations that led to an upgrade. If you can relate to any of them, you’re ready to switch to VPS Cambodia.


  1. You have a large amount of traffic

When your site starts to get more popularity and web traffic to your website approximately increases, your current shared hosting service may not be capable of handling such high amounts of traffic any more. A VPS will be able to handle higher levels of traffic than a shared hosting plan.

  1. You run an online store

Most e-commerce sites which process or store credit cards on their site need a PCI compliance certificate. According to a statistics, 89% of shared hosting services fail to pass a PCI­ Compliance examination. On a cheap VPS Cambodia, you have a private operating system for your site, so you are more likely to pass PCI examination in comparison to the shared hosting.


  1. You usually see the “Service unavailable” error on your site

The ‘service unavailable’ 503 error means that your server is temporarily unavailable to meet the website requests. It happens when your website reaches to its maximum concurrent connections limit in Linux hosting or exceeds the allocated application pool memory in windows hosting.

  1. You usually see the dreaded ‘50X’ or ‘internal server error’ message

Has your site ever displayed a 503/ 504/ 507/ 508 error? This can mean that your website has maxed out its available allocated resources on your shared server. For more resources, you can either try to upgrade your shared hosting plan or simply switch to VPS.

  1. Your site is running slow frustratingly

The more content you add to your site, the slower it runs. There are usually a few causes for this popular problem, but there is a good chance that your website is slow because you have finally hit your shared hosting limits. To boost your website’s speed, it is a great idea to upgrade from a shared hosting to a VPS to reduce page load times.


  1. You need to set up custom software or applications

Shared hosting plans do not allow you to set up your own software. Therefore, to host custom software like Forex Trading Software, Game server, Radio Station, Streaming Server, Database Server, File Server… You must choose between a dedicated server and a VPS.

Some custom applications like FreshBooks/ QuickBooks, Billing Software, Collections MAX… need high ­ speed internet connection and 24/7 availability. To operating the applications, you need a best VPS Cambodia.

A dedicated server with average specifications can cost you more than monthly $100, so VPS is a general sufficient and saving option.

  1. Your site contains data sensitive information

A website that contains highly sensitive data, custom requirements and payment processing functionality should be hosted on a VPS or dedicated server to keep information safe and isolated, because hackers find it much easier to target websites hosted on a shared hosting which all share an IP address.