Linux VPS Cambodia vs. Windows VPS: Which is Right for You?

January 20, 2017

VPS Cambodia is a virtual, independent piece of a larger main server node, usually a part of a powerful dedicated server.

 The 4 main areas where VPS excel at are security, stability, performance and control.


A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system that allows users unparalleled access to that operating system. The users can install almost any software running on that operating system.

There are 2 operating systems for you to choose from: Windows or Linux. Hosting support technical staff receives this question a lot: “Which operating system is right for me?”

This will be the most important decision to make with your new VPS hosting Cambodia. Let’s examine the advantages of each operating system. The decision will be yours alone, as it depends not only on specifications and price, but on the demands, and databases, scripts you want to have on your site.


Linux VPS Advantages

Comparing the prices of the 2 operating systems, Linux is the cheaper option, as it’s free and open source, while Windows needs an operating system license. Therefore, most Linux server applications are also free.

Linux provides more flexibility when it comes to control panels. While Plesk can be used for both Windows and Linux VPS, cPanel is only compatible with Linux. This alone makes Linux become a popular choice among business and developers.

Because of open source, Linux is notoriously tough on viruses and malware. On the other hand, Windows will require you to set up a plethora of security software to combat script kiddies and SQL attacks.


Windows VPS Advantages

The primary advantage of the Windows VPS hosting is the comfortable and easy interface. For VPS novices, Windows will be useful, especially if you are familiar with Windows products.

If your business depends on Microsoft software, a Windows VPS would be a match made in hosting heaven. Website built with the ASP.NET framework work requires a Windows cheap VPS Cambodia for optimal performance.

Finally, remote desktop access is an advantage Windows has over Linux. That means you can directly access from anywhere to your VPS server from your interface. This can make server management easier and simpler than Linux that requires a text-based Secure Shell protocol.