Is VPS Cambodia hosting right for me?

January 13, 2017

Each VPS Cambodia is isolated from the others and access to hardware resources is managed by the “host” server.

Is VPS hosting right for me?

VPS hosting plans fill the gap between entry level hosting plans that provide specific services with a limited amount of disk space on a shared server or colocation, where you own and manage the hardware and simply rent rack and an Internet connection from a data center provider. If you are outgrowing a shared hosting service, but are not ready for the financial commitment of colocation, a VPS could be the ideal middle ground.


Another option to consider is dedicated hosting, which is typically cheaper than co-locating, and is becoming more reasonably priced relative to other hosting options. While it is likely to be more expensive than a VPS hosting Cambodia plan, dedicated hosting may be a much more affordable option than you think. As the name suggests, this gives you a dedicated server: essentially, you hire the server from the hosting company, rather than renting rack for your own server, as you would for a co-located server.


How does it work?

A number of virtualization technologies make VPS possible: there are commercial companies (VMWare, Microsoft, Open Source) offerings such as QEMU, User Mode Linux and more recently XEN. This is a hot topic in the Linux world be at the moment, with XEN, in particular, receiving a lot of press and support. There is the possibility that it may be bundled with upcoming distributions of Linux. This can only be a good solution for web developers, as the more widespread the use of virtualization or VPS is in web hosting, the more freedom it will offer at a lower fee.

Getting to the root

So what do you get with a VPS account? The one thing you do get is root access to your server. As mentioned, if you are comfortable with managing a Linux server remotely, this is a great thing. It means you have complete control, can install any programs you want, and do anything you choose. However, it places the responsibility for configuration and implementation in your hands. If you are not comfortable with this, stay away from best VPS Cambodia.


Does that mean you need to install the entire operating system from scratch? Maybe not. Most VPS services have a number of “disk images” to choose from, with different distributions in default configurations.