How to start your VPS hosting Cambodia reseller business part 2

December 6, 2016

This article continue talking about the topic that “How to start your VPS hosting Cambodia reseller business”.

6) Set customer pricing.  This can be little tricky. You are competing with companies who provide $1.00 pricing online and others who can charge hundreds of dollars.  Research pricing and then break down your resources. Divide up server cost, operational costs and other factors. Websites demand secure certificates for e-commerce will be charged a higher rate as will companies demanding more bandwidth and storage.


7) Create an e-commerce website with a helpdesk.  Adding an e-commerce option to your company’s website will allow you to take payments online, saving you the cashing checks.  Encourage users to install automated billing so that you have to worry less about tracking each payment.  Also set up a help desk option where customers can contact you if trouble arises.

 8) Cheap VPS Cambodia reseller offers you a way to earn residual income.  Make sure to advertise your website accordingly. Add banner advertisements or network ads. Advertising can get expensive so reach out to those you know first.

9) Create business documents. Templates found online can be useful in creating agreements, proposals and terms of service. Make sure that you carefully craft these important documents and have lawyer review them for accuracy. You should create an automatic email to send to customers after they signed up giving them their access codes, URLs, and email information. We’ve found it is useful to emphasize the first line that reads, “This email contains important information that you will need now and in the future. You must keep this email carefully.”

So, with all of the beginning steps out of the way, there are some things you should be prepared for in the reseller business:


  • Many users, after initial installation, may need little work each month to maintain their account, but the same check keeps coming in, month after month. These can turn into a tidy profit if you can get users on board right away.
  • With most reseller choices there is no device to buy. Therefore you can save yourself the expense of purchasing a server and hire space on a server in the data center, often on a monthly plan.


  • A reseller business is very compatible with other services such as website gaming forums, development, website design, domain name registration and blogging.
  • Many resellers can work from home in their pajamas.
  • You may never meet your customers.


  • You must be knowledgeable at handling the ins and outs of web hosting, this can take some time for those who are not familiar with the industry.
  • Problems happen at the oddest times in this industry. A client often forgets his user name and password right as you are sitting down to dinner or boarding a plane.


  • VPS Cambodia is a 24/7/365 business and you will receive emails and phone calls during the holidays, on vacation and on Sundays. Because of the time sensitive nature of business, you will need to respond as soon as possible.
  • Many users may need to be hand-held through every facet of your relationship.
  • You can never meet your clients. (this can also be a pro)