How to start your VPS Cambodia reseller business part 1

December 2, 2016

There are some necessary things you have to know if you are considering starting your VPS Cambodia reseller business.

  1. Choose a hosting service from the aforementioned options based on your budget and customers that you feel you can grow to in the future.
  2. If you are unfamiliar with the fields of web hosting, domain services and email management, we suggest that you should take the time to learn and understand what you will be undertaking. A lot of web designers and developers find that transitioning to also being a reseller allows full permission of a user’s web presence and management.


  1. Best VPS Cambodia reselling is like any other business in that it needs hard work, effort and capital. So you will need:
  • A reliable and powerful computer for operating your business: A good laptop will allow you to work remotely.
  • A phone line and possibly a fax line dedicated to the business. An internet capable phone to get emails and calls on the go is ideal.
  • A merchant account and gateway software for taking credit cards.
  • I suggest a private work space in your home or office with a comfortable chair.
  • A tax license, occupational license and incorporation papers.
  • High speed network: Get the best you can afford.
  • A bank account with your company name with a debit card.


  1. Research and understand your software to control tickets, accounting and your control panel. Install a sample website to get to know your way around.
  2. Get a good hosting. This is probably the most necessary step in this. Choosing a good hosting company to resell for is crucial; take into consideration the followings:
  • Does the provider have a good reputation? Make sure to check out their track record by researching online and visiting famous forums.
  • Does your hosting support the platform you choose to work with?
  • Does your hosting have the software options you want such as a good control panel, web development tools and accounting management software?
  • Does your hosting provide a manageable monthly plan and easy payment options?
  • Do they have 24/7 support? Look at all of the options that your cheap VPS Cambodia providers offer such as ticket, live chat, email and phone support.


  • Do they own their private data center? While this is not mandatory, a company that has its own datacenter is better able to communicate between departments such as support, accounting maintenance and security. Their ability to manage and work within their company to perform all service’s functions saves you frustration and time.