Discuss about some virtualization technologies VPS hosting Cambodia

April 26, 2017

As we know, VPS hosting Cambodia use one technology known as virtualization that a physical server is divided into virtual divisions.

There are 3 main virtualization technology of VPS: OpenVZ, KVM and XEN. Today we will discuss about this 3 virtualization technology as well as its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. OpenVZ VPS

With OpenVZ virtualization, it is really not used 1 Linux kernel was modified and therefore it can only run the Linux operating system, so all virtual servers VPS also can only run Linux.

The cons of OpenVZ is the memory allocation is not separated that means memory that is allocated for this VPS server 1 can be used by other users. With update its new version, VPS has virtualized folder into VPS hosting, so can copy 1 VPS by copy folder, and then change the appropriate configuration and start it up as a new VPS Cambodia.


  1. XEN VPS

XEN is a virtualization technology actually allowed to run at the same time many virtual servers VPS on 1 physical server. It allows each virtual server runs its own personality, so can be installed both Windows or Linux operating system,  and each VPS has system operations such as 1 physical server independent.

Resources offered for XEN VPS servers are also independent that means each server XEN are level 1 the amount of RAM, CPU and Disk. This is ensure that your VPS server will be offered with sufficient resources as at registration with the service provider.


  1. KVM VPS

KVM is virtualization technology offers new virtualization really on the hardware platform. Thus the server KVM are offered private resources to use, avoiding the disputed resources with other servers on the same node. Like XEN, KVM also supports virtual server creation can run Linux and Windows operating system. Moreover, it also supports both x86 and x64 system. In addition, the KVM is the new development should be receptive to newer technologies and avoid mistakes from previous virtualization technology.

Summary, each virtualization technology has its own the pros and the cons. Depending on your needs that you will choose a virtualization technology Cambodia VPS suitable for your business.