Cheap VPS Cambodia platforms explained

March 24, 2017

If you’re in the market for a Cheap VPS Cambodia you may have a hard time choosing between many different platforms and options out there.


 Many hosting providers offer 3 different choices KVM, OpenVZ and Cloud VPS hosting. Each option has a different price point and unique advantages/disadvantages. The information following will give you a brief description of each.

  • OpenVZ: OpenVz is is a Linux based virtualization platform based on the Linux Kernel. OpenVZ allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating system (OS) instances known as containers. OpenVz can only run linux based operating systems such as Centos, Fedora, Gentoo, and Debian. One disadvantage of OpenVZ is that the users’re not able to make any kernel modifications. All VPS have to get along with the kernel version the host runs on. However because it does not have the overhead of a true hypervisor it is very fast and efficient over Kvm, Xen, KVM, VMware and Cloud.


  • Cloud: Cloud is the new term companies large and small are kicking around. There’s no true definition on what a cloud is or how it is supposed to be designed. And in our opinion, the term “cloud” applying to VPS Cambodia hosting is no different from a VPS that has failover, redundancy or backup. So creating the new term “cloud” and the extra hype is not absolutely necessary. A typical cloud setup can operate on the KVM, XEN, or VMware platform. The difference is on the type of hardware which has been used. Instead of having storage located on the host server all data is stored on much larger SAN/NAS array with multiple disks. Raid is used to prevent disk failure in the physical array. And in the best case scenario a second array is added in case the entire array fails. In the event of a host server failure spare host servers are on standby to startup when needed. Downtime during the failure would be a reboot of your operating system. The advantage of cloud is a real redundant environment. All aspects of hardware failure are 100% covered. If you are looking for a 0 downtime solution this’s truly it. Cloud hosting costs far more than standard VPS hosting Cambodia server due to all the additional hardware required.


  • KVM, Xen, VMware: The next 3 platforms can be grouped into the same category since they work almost identically. The differences that they do have will not be noticeable on the VPS and the end user. All 3 platforms provide the users with true virtualization resources that are not shared between the host kernel or other virtual servers. Almost any OS can operate on 3 platforms. We choose to use the KVM platform because it supported by the Centos OS that we use as the host OS.